Golf Swing in 3D Animation – The Body Swing Connection

In the world of golf swing technology, this is some cool stuff.

Ever wonder what your body and swing looks like in 3D animation? With new advanced technology coming out everygolf-swing day, it is becoming common to employ technology in sports training and performance. With a golf swing happening in less than a few seconds, it is very beneficial to have quality technology pairing up with your practice to keep your game sharp at every shot. The advanced technology that MySwing is comprised of, helps golf and medical professionals to exactly pinpoint areas of possible injury, loss of power, strain, stress, impact points, etc. Making this technology absolutely one of kind in helping improve your golf swing.


myswing-3dThink this kind of thing is for tour golfers only, think again! To grow the love of the game and increase the level of knowledge golfers possess, we are now bringing in this 3D body swing connection tour experience service to all golfers! Want to learn more about your own swing and body connection? Looking to break the plateau that you have been hitting in your golf game?


By analyzing your swing mechanics in 3-Dimensional and assessing your physical movements, we will be able to identify any limitations you are facing, and work together with you and your golf pro in maximizing your time at practice to get the best results! Technology is now for everyone, and this will not only help you understand your swing better, but also see the connection to your body so you can work on improving both your body fitness and golf at the same time.

Come in to Peak Performance to learn more about this game changing technology, or to book your appointment!

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