Fit? No. Functional? Yep!

On May 1st I made a deal with Michele Liew our resident Athletic Therapist, that I would help her with golf game in exchange for helping me move better.  The day of my first assessment was eye opening to say the least, between what the MySwing Testing and the TPI Physical Screen showed there was so major room for improvement.

Below are some of the items that stood in my initial testing:

Physical Screen

  • I had C Posture and couldn’t flatten my back
  • I failed the overhead deep squat badly
  • Lower Quarter Rotation Test right hip less than 60* in backswing and left hip less than 60* in follow through

MySwing Assessment

  • My hips swayed towards the target in the back swing causing me not to be able to create power properly through and it caused me to load my wrists, creating inconsistent
  • My upper body backed up in my downswing to help make contact
  • Driver Club Head Speed was between 104-108 mph

From that day onward Michele told me what to do and I did it.  I was in our gym at Peak as between 5 and 10 times per week, I was hooked and convinced I could get better.  The exercises were not hard to do and focused mainly on making me able to move properly and fixing the limitations in my hips and lower body.  With each passing week and follow up session with her I could see improvements, within a month my swing had changed significantly.  Within 2 months I was hitting the ball farther, and after 3 months I was moved on to building strength and speed.  Now 6 months later I don’t think things could be any different.  The limitations that were effecting me previously have all disappeared and my golf game improved.  The best part of it all though?  My quality of life has improved, I don’t have any pain after playing golf, I don’t feel any back pain or knee pain or anything else that plagued me from day to day.  Just as a side note as of last week my driver Club Head Speed had jumped to 114.7 mph.

The moral of this blog?  If I can do it anyone can!  The actually exercise program took me about 20 min per day to start and all I needed was a band to complete them at first.  As I progressed in needed more stuff but I also progressed into strength building on top of just becoming functional.  For anyone who wants to be able to move better, and maybe gain a few yards it’s not hard!  You just have to start, and stay with it.

Trust me looking at me you wouldn’t never guess in a million years I could pass any kind of physical screen, but judge a book by it’s cover.  I’m not fit but I’m functional.

Coach Brad

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