Warm Up for The Swing in This Season

It’s that time of the year again – Winter! For you folks who are with us this winter, you know it’s not the time to put away your golf clubs but the time to work at it to get ready for a better season next year. Do you every come in feeling freezing when you come in the middle of the winter? Do you warm yourself up appropriately before you try to take the full swing speed to hit the golf ball?

The golf swing is a burst motion that happens over a blast of a few seconds. Within the few seconds, the complex motion of your golf swing requires activation and control of many major muscles in your body. What would happen if you were not warmed up properly before you start swinging? A muscle at rest can be injured during quick motions when they are not warmed up.

In this blog, I would like to share with you a simple warm up program you could perform, be it here before your practice session or outside at the golf course before your round. They should take about 10 minutes and you will feel the difference in your swing, this will not only prevent you from injuries but also help your body move better for your golf swing. Here are some tips of warm up where the tour players do: (There are links to videos as you click on the names)

Open Book Stretch

Half Kneeling Rotation



Forward Lunges


Side Lunges

Shoulder Figure 4 Stretch

Try this out when you drop in for your next practice session! Don’t forget you can also utilize our gym space upstairs for your warm up and that will get you ready for a good practice session!-

-Michele Liew, MS, CAT(C)


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