Creating Rotation Through Your Swing

How important do you think rotation is in the golf swing? We’ve talked about X-factor in the previous blog and it is not uncommon to hear the term around golf.  One of the key is creating the X-factor needed is to separate upper from lower body to rotate independently while staying stable throughout the swing.

How easy is it to create rotation? There are many factors to why there is a limitation in separation. It could be hip mobility issue, shoulder and spine mobility restrictions or just unawareness of motor control of the motion. The better control you have with creating the separation will help improve your performance, and prevent you from any injuries due to compensation loading.

Here are a few exercises that would be beneficial in creating more rotation and separation: (video links included)

T-Spine rotation with Active Reach 

Half Kneeling Spine Rotation with Lateral Bend 

Hip Drops

Hip Twister

Lift – Resisted with rotation

These exercises can help your body learn how to control the motion and create more separation between upper and lower body. Lack of separation can lead to different swing faults (eg: Over the top) or an unfavourable shot type ( eg: Slice). It can also increase stress on certain parts of your body, commonly low back, shoulder and wrist to compensate for the creation of power and energy. As a result of increased stress on the low back, it can lead to mechanical low back pain and hinder you from your performance on the golf course! 

Mechanical low back pain are commonly due to the imbalances in musculatures around the spine and pelvis complex, where alignment of the segments become crucial in preventing the recurrent back pain.

Come talk to us about how you can improve your rotation this winter and find out what is the limiting cause so we can find a non-invasive solution to help you achieve your goal!


Michele Liew, MS, CAT(C)

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