Creating Rotation Through Your Swing

How important do you think rotation is in the golf swing? We’ve talked about X-factor in the previous blog and it is not uncommon to hear the term around golf.  One of the key is creating the X-factor needed is to separate upper from lower body to rotate independently while staying stable throughout the swing. How easy is it to create ... More

Warm Up for The Swing in This Season

It’s that time of the year again – Winter! For you folks who are with us this winter, you know it’s not the time to put away your golf clubs but the time to work at it to get ready for a better season next year. Do you every come in feeling freezing when you come in the middle of the winter? Do you warm yourself up appropriately before ... More

Equipment Review – Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

Epic or Hype? ! January 9th, 2017 It’s been a while since there’s been as much hype surrounding a driver release as with the Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic. Callaway’s newest driver hits shelves on January 27th and there’s been a lot of talk about the driver, the technology and who’s playing it (Rory McIlroy we’re looking in ... More

When There is a Sway, There is a Slide

I’m sure many golfers have heard the terms Sway/Slide before. Do you do them in your golf swing? Have you ever watched your swing on video? Do you ever wonder why you sway or slide? There are many reasons that could contribute to a sway or slide in your golf swing. Reading back to our last blog post on X-factor – a lack of separation ... More

Fit? No. Functional? Yep!

On May 1st I made a deal with Michele Liew our resident Athletic Therapist, that I would help her with golf game in exchange for helping me move better.  The day of my first assessment was eye opening to say the least, between what the MySwing Testing and the TPI Physical Screen showed there was so major room for improvement. Below are ... More

The “X-Factor” of your game

In this modern golf world, there are many different kinds of swing thoughts and no matter which one you follow or believe in, there is one thing is common – the X-factor. What is the X-factor? In creating the rotational speed in your golf swing, the body acts like a “coil” to create and store the energy for use in your downswing. To ... More

Kinematic Sequencing in the Golf Swing

Kinematic Sequencing in Golf Swing Written by Michele Liew - Athletic Therapist & Golf Biomechanics Specialist at Peak Performance Golf There is more than one way to swing a golf club, but there is one efficient kinematic sequence to achieve the maximum amount of energy transfer from the ground to the club head translating it into ... More

Golf Swing in 3D Animation – The Body Swing Connection

In the world of golf swing technology, this is some cool stuff. Ever wonder what your body and swing looks like in 3D animation? With new advanced technology coming out every day, it is becoming common to employ technology in sports training and performance. With a golf swing happening in less than a few seconds, it is very beneficial to ... More

But Will They be Better People??

Priorities. We all have them, some we want and others we need to stay afloat in today’s world. When it comes to kids, they become top priority, as they should. They are the future, the legacy, the next generation and the things that drive you crazy in the middle of the night but are still certainly worth it all. But how do you decide ... More

Guess Who’s Coming To Town!

Jason Glass Live Inside Peak Performance Golf We are excited to announce that we will be hosting one of the world's top Golf Strength & Conditioning Specialist - JASON GLASS! Join us an evening  of information, education, and lots of laughs as Jason Glass brings his unique style of edutainment to Peak Performance. About ... More