Golf for the whole family! Benefits of golf for men, women and children – through the eyes of a new junior coach.

As someone who is extremely new to the world of golf it has been fascinating to discover what the game has to offer for all ages. A kinesiology degree helps me to understand the benefits of the biomechanics and athleticism within golf, as well as where challenges may arise and be overcome with each individual’s movement pattern in their ... More

Make Sure To Put Your Best Foot Forward

It’s golf season and time to get suit up with some new gear to go out there! Looking at all the different shoes out in the market, how confident are you that you got the perfect fit for your feet and your swing? One of the important motions in your swing is to hold the amount of dorsiflexion in your ankle throughout the swing to avoid ... More

Brad’s Blog – Dream Big, Over Deliver and be….

My hero Jason Glass always finishes his podcasts with Dream Big, Over Deliver, and Be Undeniable.  Well, I'm changing it up a bit and I'm saying: Dream Big, Over Deliver and Be Unforgettable! As a junior golf coach, it is my job to make sure each and every one of the kids in our program enjoy themselves has enjoyed the game.  That is ... More

We Don’t Have To Say Good Bye For The Summer

Why you should stay at Peak for the summer With the 2016 golf season right around the corner, now is the time when practice and working out the kinks in your game becomes critical to success on the course. At Peak we know everyone is looking forward to being in the sun again but before you abandon us over the summer, we want to remind you of ... More

A New Face at Peak Performance Golf

    The Peak Performance Golf Team is thrilled to welcome Michele Liew.  Michele is a Certified Athletic Therapist (University of Connecticut), holds a Masters in Sports Medicine (University of Florida), and completed her residency in Sports Biomechanics with a research interest in 3D Golf Biomechanics.  Michele herself ... More

Our New Home For All Things Junior Golf

If you read my blogs or watch me inside Peak you have probably learned that I love working with kids, you probably have also learned that social media almost as much as I love working with kids. (okay maybe a little more) That being said I am excited to announce our website dedicated exclusively to our Junior Golf Programs and maybe a little ... More

Brad’s Blog – Doing Something a Little Different

Happy Family Day!  This week I didn't feel like writing another blog post.  I wanted to do something different.  So I present to you... The first episode ever of the Coach Brad Podcast!  What's the podcast about?  This week is about junior golf and how I connect with kids, other weeks well time will tell.  I haven't completely thought ... More

March Break Camps inside Peak Performance!

March Break Is Coming! Need something to do for March Break? Come join our Junior March Break Camp! Your Junior will spend each day working on athletic developing and sports related skills. Each day our athletes will experience an array of sports. With a 6:1 coach to athlete ratio will provide a fun, challenging and safe environment. At ... More

Throw Back Blog – What’s My Bag In

I had composed this blog three years ago just for some fun when I first tried 2undr.  Somehow it got over 1100 hits, so I thought I would share it for everyone to read.  It was the first blog I had ever written, it was meant to be a joke but someone at 2undr thought it was awesome and shared it with all their sales guys. I hope you have ... More

Guest Blog: Doug Lawrie – ADHD My Secret To Success

THE SECRET TO MY SUCCESS! I remember listening to my parents tell friends, camp counsellors or coaches "Keep Doug away from Red Food Dye, pop and Chocolate he will be relatively "normal" and controllable".  Ahhh, now back in the 70's little did they know what was actually causing the "hyper" activity, restlessness, impulsivity and my ... More