Private Instruction

Golfer’s of all skill levels have the opportunity to receive instruction by one of Peak Performance Golf’s PGA Class A Professionals. Either taking private lessons individually as their schedule allows, or committing to a minimum 3 lesson/month coaching program. Coaches will take the time to determine exactly what the individual needs of each golfer may be to create and execute the most effective coaching plan.

Former Long Drive Champion and Swing Speed Specialist at Peak Performance, Mike Wiebe is offering a program specifically to gain club head speed and distance. Click HERE.

Also available, participants may request a full Skill Set Analysis (SSA) prior to beginning private instruction. This 2 hour assessment covers all areas of play and includes a 3D MySwing biomechanics analysis providing an in depth report on current golf skills. Coaches may then use this to provide concise feedback on technical skills, swing mechanics, etc. and assist in developing specific coaching goals.

Get Started – New Golfer Program

This program is designed to jump start a beginner golfer’s progress with physical, technical and practice needs in mind. Included in the program is an initial 30 minute physical screen/baseline test, 5 forty five minute private lessons.

Cost: $499 + HST



Ryan Holly – Private Coaching Program (Min.6 forty five minute lesson package):

Non Member : $150 +HST / lesson

Member :  $110 +HST / lesson


Private Instruction:

Instructors: Brad DeLuca, Kevin King and Mike Wiebe

Mat Time Holders: $125 + HST

Non Member: $150 + HST

Member: $110 + HST


New Client Package – One Time only (30 minutes)

5 lessons: $250 + HST

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