KIA Academy

Team Peak KIA Academy

All your High Performance training, one great facility.

Head Coach : Reggie Millage,  Strength & Conditioning : Dr. Nick Martichenko

Junior Academy Head Coach : Bradley DeLuca

(Other professional staff, see below)

Junior Academy & High Performance Academy

Junior Academy members: age 10+ with competitive drive to practice and improve, consistent skill and about to or just beginning playing tournaments

High Performance Academy members: age 13+ played and scored well in tournaments for multiple years

-Applications necessary for High Performance Academy, see below.

Programs include:

Exclusive Membership to Peak Performance Golf Facility

Academy Team members will receive full access and priority membership to one of the premier year round golf training facilities in Ontario, for the duration of their program. This includes access to hitting bays equipped with Flightscope or Foresight technology, contoured short game and putting greens, bunker and fully equipped gym.

Weekly Team Practices:

2 – 3 Hour Team training sessions will be held weekly to develop necessary areas of physical conditioning, hone technical skills, work on mental game proficiency and provide a competitive practice setting. Training times are separate for Junior & High Performance Academy members.

Discounted Private Coaching Sessions:

 This private session time provides a unique opportunity for each Academy Team member to individualize their coaching experience at a reduced cost. Each golfer is different and requires different training at different times of year. With the direction of our Professional Team, Academy members can select between golf technical skill development, strength, functional movement and performance conditioning, power & speed training or mental game psychological training. (See Professional Team)

As tournament season approaches, these sessions can be used for on-course playing time with one of our coaches, or tournament supervision to review and discuss course management, shot making & shaping and pre and post-game mental skills. The distinct benefit of this program being that it is flexible and can be tailored to each golfer throughout the seasons.

Full Equipment Analysis & Club Fitting: 

Once per year the equipment of each Academy Team member may be fully assessed and tested to ensure top performance for maximizing ball striking and short game execution, all suited to the individual golfer’s style and game needs and done through our in house partners, Modern Golf (Custom Club Fitters).

Parenting High Performance Athletes Discussion Group

Running biweekly and concurrently to our High Performance Academy weekly practice,  parents will have the unique opportunity to listen to, learn from and engage with Peak Performance Golf’s High Performance Sports Psychologist, Mahsa Durbano. With her extensive experience working with elite athletes and particularly aspiring junior golfers, she will be covering the most important topics of parenting High Performance Athletes and how you can make or break your child’s athletic career.

Tournament Scheduling & Preparation: 

Our professional team lead by Director of High Performance, Reggie Millage or Junior Academy Head Coach Bradley DeLuca, will work with the players and their families to build an effective and competitive tournament schedule for the season. Ensuring that the specific age, talent, goals, financial situations and travelling circumstances of each player are met.

Team Branded Apparel

Thanks to our Team sponsor KIA Canada, we are able to provide various practical and trendy golf attire and/or accessories based on junior preferences.


Health Insurance policies do cover private physical sessions with Dr.Nick Martichenko, however do not cover sport psychological services (as of this writing), however if there is a pre-existing diagnosis and part of the treatment relates to the diagnosis, Limitless Performance Canada will provide each patient with a bill for submission to the insurance company. In any case each patient (not the insurance company) has the responsibility of full payment for services of Limitless Performance Canada.Services provided by Limitless Performance Canada can be charged through insurance for clinical services through select insurance companies.


KIA Canada is the proud facilitator of the KIA Kids Club at Peak Performance Golf. This encompasses both our Junior Development Program and  Academy. It is the hope and mission of KIA Canada and Peak Performance Golf to grow the love of the game, availability to a greater number of families and passion for golf at a competitive level for the next generations. Thank you KIA Canada, from all of us. To visit KIA’s homepage click HERE


For pricing, information or to set up a consult please contact Program Coordinator Erin Cochrane at or by phone (905) 760-1934.

To apply for the Team Peak KIA Performance Academy please submit the following information to for review with Team Peak.

  • Players Name and Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Parents Name and Preferred Contact
  • How long have you been playing?
  • How many formal lessons have you taken
  • Name of past instructor/coach
  • Tournament experience and/or accomplishments
  • Long-term golf career goals


Our KIA Performance Academy Professional Team