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Personal Training with 407 Fitness – available at Peak Performance Golf

Jason Cross, Director of 407 Fitness, brings almost 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry to his personal training. He combines his extensive knowledge of the body, nutrition and supplementation to provide the most effective results driven personal training plan for each individual.

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Is PAIN hurting your golf game???

Are you experiencing pain when you play golf? Is there a chronic injury that has been bothering you and affecting your game?

Most golf injuries are seen from overuse as oppose to an acute incident, where mechanics of the swing and physical limitation play a huge role in the development of injury. Most swing faults are seen due to a physical limitation and are commonly related to core stability, hip mobility and spine mobility. Here are some common injuries that we usually see in golfers:

  • Low Back Pain – Most common injury in amateur golfers, usually result from excessive tilting and rotation in spine in swing
  • Golfer’s Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis)
  • Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)
  • Wrist Pain
  • Shoulder Impingement
  • Hip pain
  • Herniated Disc

At Peak performance golf, we provide full Chiropractice and Athletic Therapy services where golfer’s will receive a detailed evaluation on their physical condition and a customized plan will be designed to treat the injury and/or prevent from any overuse injuries.tpi-certified-text

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Program

With Top touring professionals working with their own TPI team on the PGA, LPGA tours, it has been shown that understanding your body-swing connection is the key to success in improving and enjoying the game of golf.

Physical features and limitations can play a role in limiting the possibilities and performance of the individual golfer (such as mobility, stability and strength) in their golf swing as well as the game. This is important, as body is the most important equipment you have! Being able to play the game to the ability you have without any pain will make the game a lot more fun and enjoyable as well!

At Peak Performance Golf,  our team of TPI Certified professionals all work closely together to bring you the experience of better understanding your body and golf swing. Our medical and fitness professionals work closely with our golf pros in helping you achieve your goal and to build a golf swing that suits you the best.


Top 3 Reasons to recommend Body-Swing Connection – TPI Golf Program to all golfers:


  • We can identify any physical limitation and characteristics of your body with movement screens to understand how your body moves.
  • We can diagnose the root cause of pain that may be affecting your swing and your golf game
  • With understanding on how your body relates to your swing, we can build a golf swing based on your physical abilities

Learning a new motor pattern takes practice and while you put your time into practicing your golf game, practicing the right thing will make it a lot easier on your body and more fun for golf!

Struggling to hit the shot you want? Lowering your scores? Gaining distances?

All of these may not be caused by the swing itself, instead the way your body is used and moving during your golf swing.


What to expect when you come visit us?


  • Counseling – History, goals and challenges and what you would like to know from us
  • Physical Screen – Assessment of your movement patterns to see how your body moves
  • 3D Swing analysis – Capturing your swing to analyze in details on how your body moves during your golf swing
  • Flight scope data analysis- Capturing of ball and club data to analyze in details on how you are hitting the golf ball
  • Program creation – Create individual program based on the results from all assessments and analysis that suits you and your goal the best
  • Golf and Physical session – Work with golf pro together with medical and fitness professionals in improving your golf game and/or preventing any injuries


Contact our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Medical and Fitness professionals: Dr. Nick Martichenko, Michele Liew  for more details and we can set up an appointment for you.