Mental Coaching

Limitless Performance Canada – The Mental Side of Your Golf Swing


One on One Sessions

Individual coaching sessions are targeted at addressing challenges, providing the tools to
improve mental skills, establishing a process, and boosting confidence in thriving
and excelling in performance. The primary goal is to address psychological and
emotional challenges that may be impacting the overall well-being, health, and
more specifically the ability to perform at full potential. Service includes on course
Initial consultation is 1 ½ at the cost of a regulation session
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $100

Unconscious Putting

The importance of putting cannot be over emphasized. Do you think that your best chance of
lowering your score, given the amount of time you have to practice, is with the
long game or with the short game? Since the best players in the world can only
manage a two-thirds success rate at hitting the greens the answer is fairly clear.
Your best chance of lowering your score lies with the short game, beginning with
putting in particular.
Undoubtedly every putting routine is unique and individualized, as it should be.
But there are some mental concepts that separate the great from the good. This
session will expose the golfer to elements of putting that is either emphasized with
too much conscious effort, or completely neglected with minimum conscious
effort; creating a putting routine that doesn’t achieve results. Let’s discuss speed,
direction, practice stroke, thought and emotions as you stand over the ball.
Success is best achieved through feeling your way through putting and
understanding how your brain digests your words, thoughts, actions and practice
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $120yoga-for-golf1


Mental Game Golf Intensive

This program is tailored for individuals who aspire to excel in the sport of golf and
potentially desire to take it to the next level. Come join me as I expose you to the
same drills, exercises, focus practices, and education used with the Humber Hawks
and the Arizona Sun Devils. The intensives will be conducted in group settings
with other athletes within the same age and performance category. There will be
two intensives taking place per month. Sign up at front desk.
Duration: Saturday & Sunday (Two hour per day)
Cost: $250

Meditation For Athletes

Meditation is an old concept used by elite athletes to initiate the concept of
neurogenic conditioning (nervous system conditioning) to improve performance
in athletic events. It entails of emptying out the mind and creating a calm state
both psychologically and physically. A regimented practice of this form of
meditation will eventually result in the ability to tap into the state of calmness no
matter the circumstance. Meditation for athletes will involve mantras, visualization and specialized

Come join our weekly meditation classes and discover how calmness is the tool to
peak performance
Duration: Monday 8:15 pm – 8:45 pm 30 minutes
Cost: $20

Parenting your future athlete Discussion Group

Parenting is a challenging task with many avenues. But parenting children who are
actively involved in competitive sports (all levels) is especially challenging for both
the parent and the Youth. Join us as we discuss parenting and the challenges faced
based on selected topics specifically chosen to navigate and educate parents:
Learning how to best assist in the athletes short-term and long-term goals

  •  Avoiding the performance-destroying mistakes that most parents make
  • Learning the top principles of peak performance and how to use them with your child
  •  Knowing how to engage with your child in light of failure to decrease set-back time and encourage growth
  • Learn what the patterns of parents of top athletes, and how they ensure their child-athlete is successful
  • Much much more

Duration: Monday 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Cost$: $25 a Session (Packages available)
Requirements: Journals



Health Insurance policies do not cover sport psychological services (as of this writing), however if there is a pre-existing diagnosis and part of the treatment relates to the diagnosis, Limitless Performance Canada will provide each patient with a bill for submission to the insurance company. In any case each patient (not the insurance company) has the responsibility of full payment for services of Limitless Performance Canada.Services provided by Limitless Performance Canada can be charged through insurance for clinical services through select insurance companies.