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Mike Wiebe helps people hit the golf ball farther. As a former long drive champion he knows a thing or two about generating power and getting the most out of one’s body. He has developed a new program at Peak Performance to achieve greater club head speed and overall distance, click HERE to read more. Mike was an early adopter of Titleist Performance Institute education and is currently a level 3 golf fitness coach and personal trainer. Knowing the value of a mind and body connection, Mike really enjoys his work as a certified GolfPsych instructor. A desire to reach a greater audience inspired Mike to also become a member of the PGA of Canada this year which establishes him as one of the most unique professionals in the country.

Outside of golf and fitness, Mike is big into hockey. He plays all year around on a men’s team and is an avid Flyers fan. (Sorry Leafs!) Be sure to check Peak Performance Golf’s website for Mike’s blog posts. He can be reached via email at mike@peakperformgolf.com and on Twitter and Instagram at mwiebegolf.