Ryan Holley


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Ryan Holley is a PGA of Canada Class A Professional who’s main focus is to help golfers of all abilities create a desirable ball flight by educating them on cause and effect. Ryan believes that training and coaching is vital in skill development and reaching your long term goals but wants to assist players in becoming less reliant on their coach as their skills increase. Ryan believes in the importance of using technology to help expedite the learning process and is trained in FlighScope based learning, 3D motion analysis via K-VEST and the role of functional movement plays in skill development through his certification by TPI. While technology is vital step in learning, as it allows him to measure and quantify improvement, he believes that learn to play without becoming too analytic and reliant on technology paves the way to success in scoring.

Ryan is also a very accomplished club fitter. He has been honored by Accra Golf, Fujikura Golf as a Top 50 fitter in the world and by KZG Golf as Club Fitter of the Year. He spent two seasons with PGA Tour Canada as their preferred equipment supplies fitting their players to ensure their equipment performed at the highest possible level. His approach to fitting is simple: if your equipment gets in the way of improvement it needs to change. Club fitting is a cure all but should be treated as an important part of the improvement process.

Whether you’re looking to improve your basic fundamentals, take your game to the next level or make it on tour Ryan is capable of helping you pursue those goals either through instruction, coaching or club fitting.