FAQ's at Peak

Do you need to be a Member to use the facility?

No, you do not have to be a Member to use our facility. We are open to the public.

Are all Memberships a one year contract?

Most Memberships are a year contract. Please see our Membership page for plans best suited for you.

Do I have to wear golf attire when using this facility?

No you do not. We do recommend to wear something comfortable when hitting and a pair of indoor shoes.

What technology do you use at Peak?

We have two types of technology we use- the GC Quad and Skytrak. Please visit out Technology page to see more information on both pieces of equipment. 

Do we sell golf clubs?

We are partnered with Modern Golf and they do custom club fittings here at Peak. To learn more about them, please visit our Modern Golf page. 

Can we rent Peak out for an event?

Yes you can. Depending on the type of party will depend on the date/time we will be able to host. Please visit our Events at Peak page for more information.

What are your current deals?

Depending on the time of the year, we offer a umber of different deals. Please visit our Promotion Tab to see what we are currently offering.

Can I come in and hit with no Technology?

Yes, we offer drop-in slots with no Technology. Please visit our Mat Time section for more information.

Do I need my own clubs?

You do not need your own clubs but it is recommended that you bring your own. We have a limited amount here for use.

Can I share a hitting bay?

Yes you can. Two individuals are allowed to share the 45 minutes in one of our hitting bays, as well as the short game area.

Is this facility Junior Golfer friendly?

Yes, we are a junior friendly facility! We offer a number different Junior Programs, please see our Junior Golf Service tab which includes: Junior Program, Peak Camp and our Peak Academy Team

Is the gym included in the Membership?

If you are a Member at Peak, you have full access to the gym. We do sell gym memberships & person training. Please visit out Medical & Fitness tab located under the 'more' selection for additional information.